Thank You


An immersive experience of Art and Music

Thank You!

A week has gone by and still now, when we close our eyes we can still see you all there, all the smiles, the laughter, the hugs, tears of joy and the overwhelming feeling in the air of a loving community. Thank you for helping activate the Realm of Starvibes, the magic and synchronicity you felt was created by every single one of you. Thank you for coming and allowing yourself to go through this journey together. Now you know what can be created when magical beings come together to build a space where anything is possible, a place where you can be your highest self and feel free, loved and heard. 

We wanted to give a special thank you to everyone who made this possible…

Production Team

Thank you to Austin (, our Co-Founder. The stage was just once a CAD design with a tiny man ‘Tod’ as a scale, never in a million years would we have thought it would have turned out so stunning and breathtaking. Your vision, leadership and hard work paid off, it’s been an honor working with you.

Thank you to Igor (@contact.bread). Your hard work and perseverance kept us pushing ourselves to do more. You believed in this vision and did as much as you physically could to contribute, which was a lot. Please know we appreciate your hard work, your passion and the beautiful art you created.

Thank you to Kevin and the Synchronistic Sound Crew (@synchronisticsound). Oh those Hennesys! You believed in us from the start and continue to bring the most amazing sound system we have witnessed. Words cannot describe what we feel when we hear them, their vibration activates the magic and creates an audio experience that is transformative. 

Thank you to Tim Anderson and Jerry from NuSalt Laser Shows (@nusaltlaser) What a show! We were hypnotized by the light. There were times we would look up and feel we were in a different dimension and would lose ourselves in the lasers. It was as if there was glitter in the air and your soul could connect to it.

Thank you to Tim and Timmy from SPL Sound for the power!. You brought power to the gathering that allowed us to create all the spaces and light up the beautiful art for everyone to see. 

Thank you to Eliot and TC Rentals ( for the power and infrastructure gear. You made so much possible, by simply being amazing to work with, we value your advice and the additional equipment you suggested we took because you knew we would need it. 
Thank you to Day Wireless ( for our walkie talkies! You worked with our schedule and provided us with a vital way of communicating throughout the event.

Artists Crew

Thank you to James and the AB Touring Team (@abtouring). You believed in us and kept going even after we had to change dates and venues. We really appreciate your time and open communication. 

Thank you to Soohan (@soohansoohan), Ahee (@aheemusic), Morillo (@morillomusic). We have loved your music for a very long time and when we were thinking of who we wanted to be part of this special gathering we knew it had to be you. 

Thank you to David Hohme (@davidhohme). It was an absolute pleasure talking to you and seeing what a kind soul you are. We didn’t know if it was possible to love your music more, but when we got to meet you and see that you are a clear representation of the beautiful vibes you bring, everything made sense. 

Thank you to Devin Kroes (@devinkroesmusic). Oh Devin! Your music captures so much of what we all felt that weekend, the romance and the craving to feel one with our loved ones in the magic place you create. 

Thank you to DISSOLV (@dissolv_music). If you haven’t noticed by now, we love having you be part of everything we do! We love you as humans and the energy you create when you are up on stage is something we want to experience all the time.

Thank you to Plantrae (@plantrae). Your serene yet complex vibes wound us into a trance that is still felt today with your closing set. 

Thank you to Starmoster (@starmonsterofficial). You will forever be one of the best ground scores from the dust, the way you came into our community and have transformed us with your kindness is one of a kind. We are always excited to see what you will be doing next. 

Thank you to Volo (@volovibes_). Your music and vibes are amazing! We truly hope we can continue to grow this relationship and see what the world has in store for us. 

Thank you to Ananaki (@ananakimusic). You are a multi-talented being, that’s always down to do the extra mile to create a memorable experience for everyone and we love that about you.

Thank you to Christopher Charles (@christopher_charlessf). You’re awesome and as always it’s a pleasure to work with you and having you be part of our community.

Thank you to Justin Waves (@justinwaves). The universe brought you to us and now we won’t let go! You’ve been such a wonderful addition to our community. We love your music, the way you can read the crowd and how much of a delight you are to be around.

Thank you to SBASS JAMZ (@sbassjamz) and AMPRS&ND (@amprsndmusic). For sharing your music, we were very happy to have you.

Thank you to Sage Farris (@sagefarris_music). From the moment we met we knew we would be friends, you are an absolute pleasure to be around.

Thank you to Dominic M (@djdominicm). You’re such a light hearted kind soul and brough the Techno Vibes!!

Thank you to Ezekeal Zion (@ezekeal.zion). We remember when we first talked and you sent us your ecstatic dance set, and we played it over and over again. That is when we knew we wanted to work with you and you would be the one to open up the event.

Thank you to GroundScore (@jbracks). Your music speaks for itself, it always put people on such a great mood and your friendship is one we cherish. 

Thank you to Jenn’s Friend (@jennsfriend). Until this day we cannot say your name without smiling and thinking back to when we met and it’s been an honor seeing how much you have grown.

Thank you to Klipper (@klippermusic). Our Forever Contest Winner!! You went from winning the first ever Starvibes Ticket Giveaway to performing on the Main Stage, now that’s a story! We love you and your music so much.

Thank you to Rowdi Holloway (@rowdiholloway)  your energy and desire to give it your all is always a blessing, we love having you. You always know how to bring your amazing light to the crowd and everyone around you.

Thank you to Major Trouble (@majortroublemusic). You know we love you! Tha playa brought us together and everything else is history. We want you to know we love your vibe, your style and just how amazing you are.

Thank you to Rouzer (@bberg_sf). Your Dark Techno has evolved and we are so happy to see that transformation. Your music always takes us to a different place and just has us dancing all night long. You have done a lot to make this possible so know that we are grateful. 

Thank you to SquidCat (@squidcatbass). Dear SquidCat, what you bring to this community is so special, and this is why everyone loves you. When you are on stage it’s impossible to not have a good time! All the friends love you and remember we are always going to be here to support you, your journey is just beginning. 

Thank you to Dalfin (@dalfinmusic). We are so happy you came back! We had such an amazing time with you the last Starvibes and were thrilled to know you were going to be part of this one too. Getting to know you has been awesome and we love having you around.

Thank you to Wonx ( Seeing your evolution from Bass to Deep House has changed our lives, you somehow managed to lead a production team and still find time to get us vibing on the dance floor and for that we love you. 

Thank you to Hippy Trap (@hippytrapsf). What a show! Your team brought something no one was expecting and it was an incredible performance.

Thank you to GoldBloc Crew (@goldblocartists) and all the artists that performed at Deeps of the Golden Galaxy Stage. You created a magical space and gave us all such stellar performances, it was a pleasure experiencing your music.

Thank you to ADAMANT, B33SON (@b33son), and Gary Gold (@gogarygold) your music re-energized the crowd and created a night to remember.

Thank you to the Crash Course Crew, Watts (@watts_up), Dick Daniels, Luongevity (@luongevity_), and b.phe (@b.phe_house) you were awesome! And we loved having you be part of this special event.

Moving Performers and Workshop Hosts

Thank you to Ash, our Moving Performance Coordinator. Your knowledge and talent shine so bright, you were able to gather a group of incredibly talented beings and have them bless us with their art. Thank you for all the hard work and for everything you did. 

Thank you to all the performers, it was such an honor to witness you being on stage and creating that magic. We all loved every second of it and you inspired us so much. Thank you to Dustin, Gina, Otilla, Joe, Summer, White Tiger, Evoke, Ray, Michalla, Pixie, Jacob, Shauna, Duddy (@yourbuddyduddy), Jasmine and Ash!!

Thank you to all the Workshop Hosts. You are an essential part to creating this gathering, your teachings and practices make us grow and learn so much about ourselves and others. Thank you to Ash (@ashrexcircus), Sasha (@sashaemily), Marina (@polakoffstudio), Brian & Summer (@freedom_yogis), Julia, Mathew, Rachel (@racheljenninewellnessandyoga), Ajani (@SacredCircleBotanica), Lydia (@loveandlightcollective), Brandon (@the_world_isalive) and Alix (@alix_tate) and Evoke (@22evoke22) for your transformative workshops.


Thank you to Josh King (@jaykayinthebay) for your passion to help us tell the story and share with the world.

Thank you to Drew with OpenFire Photography (@openfirephotography), for constantly being amazing at capturing the beauty in our community.

Thank you to Payam (@payamair), for the willingness to try something new and make art.

Thank you to Jelly (@moonjellymedia) for giving it your all and finding the special moments.

Ops Team

Thank you to Benjamin, Sandstorm, the Guardians Team and SITREP, your thoughtful work allowed us to feel protected by an outstanding team. You handled every situation with grace and worked so hard to keep the community safe. 

Thank you to Andrew and the First Aid Team. Working with you was an absolute pleasure, you all made sure everyone was being well taken care of and felt comfortable with coming to you for help. Thank you for looking after the community and the production team. 

Thank you to Justin (@slothmonster03) and the Volunteer Security Team, you made it your duty to make sure all of us knew you were there to help and assist in any way you could. Thank you for volunteering your time to make this a safe gathering and know we really appreciate everything you did. 

Thank you to Sasha (@sashaemily) and the Volunteer Harm Reduction Team, from the workshop to the fieldwork you all came together to educate others on how to look out for each other. This was done with such careful approaches that it washed away any shame and allowed people to receive the help. 

Thank you to Ryan (@ryteous.1) and the Volunteer Green Team. We loved seeing you out there, dancing and picking up the moop! Your efforts to create a sustainable event were contagious and showed everyone the importance of leaving no trace behind. 

Thank you to Brandon (@whatsflippin), Kayla (@lalaclark831) and the Volunteer Box Office and Parking Crew. Greeting and welcoming the community is an exciting job that is lots of work and you rocked it! 

Thank you to the Volunteer Build Crew. From the start you helped back, load, build, unload and load again. You understood it was hard work and did it with the desire to help build something beautiful. We know it was hard and at times exhausting, so know that we cherish you so very much. Seeing you work so hard kept inspiring us to not give up and keep going.

Infrastructure Team

Thank you to Ash, our Moving Performance Coordinator. Your knowledge and talent shine so bright, you were able to gather a group of incredibly talented beings and have them bless us with their art. Thank you for all the hard work and for everything you did.

Thank you to Lindsay (@peaceful.tree.island), Aaron (@squidcatbass) and Temple of Fluff (@templeoffluff). Having you in a key ingredient to creating this space, your fluffy friends bring love and comfort to us all. 

Thank you to Matt, Red Betty and The Connectic Structure: A Metaphor for Global Warming Build Crew (Yes the Igloo).  It was built, moved, re-built and then finally crumbled, yet you all didn’t give up on trying to make it work! You spent countless hours building it and we thank you for making it your own. 

Thank you to Phoebe (@moonshroomzz) and the Tea Lounge. You took the time to create a space for all us to enjoy, center and enjoy some tasty tea.

Thank you to all the Live Painters, Dylan, Mariah and the Wormhole Mural Squad (@wormholemuralsquad), Kayla (@faetrix_), David (@chocolatedavid), Izzy (@izzy_ivy_art), you came and shared your beautiful talent with us. It was magical walking by you and seeing you make art. 

Thank you to all the Vendors. Leah (@soulflowerhenna) with her beautiful Henna. Alana (@alanapocalypse) with unique creations from Bashee’s House of Dye. Marina (@polakoffstudio) with beautiful face painting. Kiel with the stunning Sacred Sierra Creations (@sacred_sierra_creations_) and Ruben with  the amazing Fire Kult designs (@firekult) We loved having you there to showcase your lovely pieces and share with us the art you’ve been working on. You were welcoming and always a pleasure to interact with. 

Thank you James and the Sacred Earth Cacao Crew (@sacredearthcacao), you brought medicine to us and we appreciate everything you did to make the Opening Cacao Ceremony such a special event.

Thank you to Ruben and the Wekecy Woodshop Family (@wekecy). We came to you with just a drawing and you managed to build a high quality wooden structure for the Galaxy Saloon in less than a week. You are always dependable and we love you for your support.

Thank you to Igor (@contact.bread) and the Galaxy Saloon Crew. Coming to see you all and being welcomed with a chat and a smile was always wonderful. You took the time to create one of the most iconic features of the event and we love you for it.

Thank you to Sean (@sean.palmer.anderson) and the Good Deed Station. You managed to incentivise us to constantly do good deeds and it was contagious. 

Thank you to Ash (@ashrexcircus), with the Wind Shines. They were absolutely beautiful and brought so much magic to the Art Gallery. We know how hard you work on them and we want them to always be part of us.

Thank you to Helen (@apocalyptic_royalty) with the Fairy Lights. Your installation sprinkled whimsy and light to a dark space that helped guide the way.

Thank you to Eagle Creek Eats. Your food and vibes were just out of this world. We loved having you and thank you for providing such delicious meals to us all.

Special Thanks

Thank you to PJ, Stephen and the GoldBloc Crew. We freaking love you guys!! From the moment we met you we knew we wanted to work with you, you are such bright souls, passionate and driven. We loved our late night chats on how to make this work and all the advice and input you offer. The Deeps of the Golden Galaxy, late night stage you created was a beautiful wonder of its own. You worked so hard on this vision and we feel absolutely blessed to call you our friends.

Thank you to Charlie (@dukechazenstein), our Web Developer. Oh Charlie, you have put up with our madness from the start. You have dedicated countless hours and resources to communicate our vision on the website. 

Thank you to Aaron and Blue Mountain Event Center. Your venue is stunning, you welcomed us and allowed us to create our gathering just the way we envisioned it. 

Thank you to Mana ( and Reza (@rezag_love) for a beautiful Cacao Ceremony, you set the intention for the weekend and brought everyone together to start that journey. 

Thank you to Val (@the.konjurer), Shark Party (@shark_partay), Will and Prime (@primeperf). You showed up and were willing to help in any way you could. We truly appreciate your initiative to take charge and be golden volunteers, we can’t thank you enough for all your efforts and the way you took charge. 

Thank you to Tyler (@tylerwhyland) our Co-Founder. From the beginning you have believed in this vision and have been instrumental to making this possible. 

Thank you to David A (@airnsun). Please know how much we value all your advice and what a great support system you have been throughout this process. Thank you for keeping us sane, constantly checking in and just being a good friend, and for the epic Stilldream Porto Promo. 

Thank you to Brandon (@whatsflippin), for stepping up when we needed the most help. Your eagerness to be part of this event and do everything you could to make this happen made all the difference in the world. Thank you for being an amazing being and a friend that we know we can always count on.

Thank you to Sloat House. You guys put up with all of our shenanigans for months and helped anytime you could with whatever random tasks needed doing. 

Thank you to our friends and families for not giving up on us and always believing in our madness. We love you so very much and appreciate all the love and support. 

Thank you to all the attendees for making this such a special event, you went there and allowed yourself to go on this journey with us and became part of this beautiful community. Thank you for your vibes and being yourself. Treasure the connections you made, they were indeed genuine and pure. The Realm is a place that was meant to remind you that magic is real, that this community loves you and where hard work pays off. 

Thank you to every person that showed up and offered to help with build and teardown seeing your efforts to help create an atmosphere of a collaborative community that was beautiful to watch. You were eager to help with the stage raising and teardown and we are grateful for all your help. There were so so many people who pitched in a helping hand, and it made it a true communal effort to bring the whole event to life.