About Starvibes

We Welcome You to Our Realm

Starvibes Campout is a three-day, three-night celebration of art, community and expression. Our goal is to create a space to inspire and elevate all attendees to their best selves – and in doing so, bring us all closer to collective bliss.
We strive to create an innovative, interactive atmosphere that features the best sound, visual effects, aesthetics and entertainment that our industry has to offer. Our emphasis is connection – we will always be an intimate, inclusive event, focused on the shared experience of everyone involved.
Starvibes Campout features Bass and House music, live performers, art installations, live painting workshops, classes and much more. Each year our family grows and is made stronger for it. We welcome you to come see for yourself what makes this gathering so special.

Meet the Team



Our Mission

Allow us to enhance your perception of reality. Our purpose is to create an enchanted playground to nurture your inner child through profound connections, artistic expression, and joint collaboration.
Your participation ignites the fire of your fellow campers.
The magic in you brings out the magic in others.
Your radiance illuminates everyone around you.

Our Vision

We’re a community of like-minded people who value open hearts and curious attitudes.
Come create a paradise with us as we collaborate on the most magical weekend of the year. From performers to the green team, we shine the most when our energies combine.
Open your heart to opportunity and see what we can create.
Let the peaceful presence of the forest draw you in. The majestic meadows wrap around us to create the perfect canvas for our divine adventure.