About StarVibes

Feel how the harmonious connections at StarVibes can take you on a beautiful journey of self-discovery.

We welcome you to our tribe

Bring the friends you know and love, and leave with new organic authentic connections!


Allow us to enhance your perception of reality. Our purpose is to create an enchanted playground to nurture your inner child through profound connections, artistic expression, and joint collaboration

It’s your participation that ignites our fire

It’s the magic that you bring that makes us shine

It’s your smile that leaves us satisfied


We’re a community of like-minded people who value open hearts and curious attitudes

Come create a paradise with us as we collaborate on the most magical weekend of the year. From music artists to the green team, we shine the most when our energies combine

Open your heart to opportunity and see what we can create

Let the peaceful presence of the forest draw you in. The majestic meadow wraps around us to create the perfect canvas for our divine adventure

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