We Welcome You to Our Realm

Starvibes Campout is a three-day, three-night celebration of art, community and expression. We are a collective of dreamers & doers who seek to inspire and elevate everyone around us to live more intentionally and embrace the present moment.

Starvibes is a good time with your friends. From the opening ceremony to the last set on the last night, you will experience the best of West Coast art, music & community – all within the beautiful heart of the Sierras.

Starvibes is as much of a transformation as it is a music festival. We feature a carefully curated mixture of musical acts, live performances, workshops, culinary experiences to create an unforgettable experience for all.

Community is the driving force behind everything that we do. We are dreamers, we are doers, we are Starvibes.

Our Mission

Allow us to enhance your perception of reality. Our purpose is to create an enchanted playground to nurture your inner child through profound connections, artistic expression, and joint collaboration.

Your participation ignites the fire of your fellow campers.

The magic in you brings out the magic in others.

Your radiance illuminates everyone around you.

Our Vision

We’re a community of like-minded people who value open hearts and curious attitudes.

Come create a paradise with us as we collaborate on the most magical weekend of the year. From performers to the green team, we shine the most when our energies combine.

Open your heart to opportunity and see what we can create.

Let the peaceful presence of the forest draw you in. The majestic meadows wrap around us to create the perfect canvas for our divine adventure.

Three Days of Music, Art and Community

Starvibes is a growing community of innovative people who seek genuine connections through art and music. Join us for three days and three nights for the opportunity to experience the magic that occurs when like-minded individuals gather in a space cultivated to allow everybody’s creativity and connectivity to thrive in an enchanted realm. As we feel the elements awaken within, a sense of synchronicity arises. Starvibes is a place where serendipity flows through the air and the impossible is the norm.

We have curated this intimate gathering for you all to enjoy a weekend of communal bliss—a rare opportunity to observe what can happen when a collective of talented and authentic beings create a playground to showcase their art. Whether you’ve been blessed with the gift of music, an eye for fashion, the inspiration of visual art, the ability to nurture a friend in need, or a smile that brightens someone’s day, this is the place for you. We encourage you to come and embrace what society denies us, our rightful claim to the ultimate fulfillment of happiness through pure self-expression and human connection.

By allowing yourself to lean into that connection, your inner power can be unlocked and the possibilities become endless. So allow us to invigorate you through the vibrations of one of the leading sound systems in the industry. Once more, we have teamed up with Synchronistic Sound to bring their full Hennessy Battleaxe rig that will have you swimming in every nuance of the music we love so much. If you haven’t experienced this sound system before, get ready for a  treat. Its clarity captures every detail of the artists’ work, allowing complete immersion in the low frequencies. You can close your eyes and truly lose yourself in the music. Subsequently, we will showcase the power of a high-quality laser show amidst California’s towering redwoods. Have you witnessed a laser eagle fly over you under the stars? We have, and it is an exceptional visual experience you won’t want to miss. 

We seek to celebrate our community’s diverse taste in music. Join us as we journey from bass to drum and bass all the way to house and techno. We have been blessed with a remarkable group of musicians who have the ability to unite us through transcendent sounds. Note we refrain from fixating on grand lineups—rather, we value the right vibes.

Our workshops integrate everyone’s desire to expand our body and mind with the intention of the weekend. These practices are led by talented visionaries in their field who feel called to share their knowledge and gifts in our beautiful microcosm.

The art installations and live painters illuminate the grounds with interactive spaces. As the weekend progresses, they capture the essence of our aspirations: inspiration and connectivity. This art will feed your appetite for creative imagination.

Vendors will be selling beautiful clothing, jewelry, and art so that you can take a piece of this world home with you if you choose. We love to encourage and support our artist community, and we’re happy to provide a space for craftsmen to sell their wares.

This is your chance to partake in creating the magic that is Starvibes. So, if you feel this gathering calling to you, join us.

Our realm awaits you.