Arrival Day

How to be ready for Arrival Day

Download your Tickets and Pack your Credentials Before You Leave Home

Wristbands will be given to you at the Box Office upon arrival to the festival. Have your printed ticket or downloaded version saved as an image or PDF to your phone prior to arriving on site! There is no service at the box office to access your email or the internet!

Ensure Easy Access to Your ID

Refunds will be issued in the unfortunate event that we have to You will need your government issued ID to enter the event, remember this is a 21+ Event.

COVID-19 Guidelines

A negative PCR Test within 72 hours or full vaccination is required for entry. We will be running at a limited capacity and administrating temperature checks at entry.

Gate Hours

The Gate will be open for entry during these hours

Friday 12:00PM – 10:00PM
Saturday 12:00PM – 10:00PM
Sunday NO Entries Allowed


Make Friends with the Volunteer Team!

These terrific humans will be greeting you, checking you in, guiding you to the parking spots and camping grounds. Please be respectful and thoughtful, they are there to enhance your experience.

Stay Informed!

Regularly check our website for updates, FAQ, schedule and more.

Be Prepared and Self-Reliant

There is No Service on Site so make plans to be off the grid for the weekend.
There is water on site, but it is far from camping and a hand pumped well. Be prepared; we recommend you bring your own water. 
This is a campout; make sure you bring everything you need to survive and thrive while we all enjoy the event!

Be Respectful of the Local Community

No trespassing, keep the music down on your drive into the event grounds , and keep trash inside your vehicle.

CARPOOL! Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you have extra space in your vehicle or are looking to hitch a ride, post in the Facebook group! This is a great way to reduce your travel expenses and make new friends while lowering your carbon footprint.


Wanna camp with friends? Arrive together or CARPOOL. Bring CASH if you plan to purchase food, ice, shower or want to purchase beautiful creations from our vendors.