Entry Team

Tickets? Check! Wristbands? Check! Sunshine? Check! Meeting every excited camper as they enter the festival? Check!

If you want to be the first friendly face everyone sees as they enter the realm of Starvibes, our Entry Team is for you! 

Build Team

Hammer time! If you’re handy, inventive or just happy to be hands-on, Build Team is for you!

We have stages, workshop spaces, and lighting rigs that need building, and we’ll need quick problem-solvers to bring new ideas to life on the fly.

Sustainability Team

Join in on the fun! Yes, yes YOU can be a member of the Starvibes Sustainability Team. 

We empower you to help keep the property clean at all times—if you see trash in nature, pick it up! Be a role model and lead by example!

Peer Support

We partner with onsite medical and security to provide judgment-free, trauma informed peer support for attendees throughout the event.

We will have a volunteer-staffed sanctuary space next to the medical tent for those who are not in need of medical support to take a break from the crowds, integrate experiences, and process thoughts and feelings that are coming up.

First Aid

Our trained medical personnel and professional people need our support! Have you ever been given first aid by a sweetheart in a cuddly animal onesie? We have. It made the discomfort so much less and relieved a lot of the anxiety.

*Must be a Certified Medical Professional.


Ever want to be a Deputy?

Well we can’t do that, but what we can do is offer you a chance to volunteer with our very own Starvibes “sheriff”.

Spend some time helping us to diffuse tense situations, alert other teams of important issues, protect us all and keep us safe, and write some very official tickets.

If you’re good at your job, you may earn a badge.